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Adjustment to changing events in life

Sooner or later all of us need to adjust to changing circumstances in our lives. Some of the most important ones are when we retire:

  • we suddenly experience a lot of additional free time,
  • we lose the status and income we were used to while working,
  • our friends may change,
  • we may feel rejected,
  • our self image may get a hammering, and
  • we may feel as though we have landed in a void.

We all tend to be creatures of habit and to be ‘set in our ways’ which makes adjustments to changing circumstances difficult. It often causes opportunities to be passed up and important decisions not taken in time. Then regret often sets in later. And regret is one of the worst psychological phenomenons you can suffer from. It is also a great time waster. So it is better to live your life in no way it will not be necessary to regret but even if it is ‘justified’, to realise that therethis is no point in regretting – as the saying goes – no use crying over spoilt milk!

In adjusting to retirement remember that it means an end to many aspects e.g. an end to your status at the office, to your social support among your colleagues, to your self-image been boosted by your occupation, and to your regular salary and income and possibly perks along with it.

Keep in mind that forewarned is forearmed.  If you know that this is waiting for you, you can prepare for it in good time.  It is especially the case when you start planning for these realities. If you start well in advance, you should be able to handle these adjustments a lot better.

  • Don’t neglect your friendships – they are going to play a major role in your life for the rest of your life
  • Preserve your health
  • Lower your stress levels
  • Make sure that you have enough hobbies and ways to spend your free time sensibly
  • Make sure that you have your life goals in place
  • Preserve your mental health by managing your mind – for instance don’t think negative thoughts

You should also make sure that you have your life’s goals in place.

Please take the opportunity to comment on your views and experiences in the above regard right now. Share this link with old friends and and use it as an opportunity to rekindle old friendships, NOW.

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