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Expert tips for enjoying life after 50

Application of your free time during retirement

Retirement is an important transition phase for most people.  Suddenly you have a lot more free time on your hands which should be filled by meaningful activities.

If this is not planned properly, you can easily land into a situation of boredom. This in turn can easily lead to a loss of meaning in your life and depression.

How can you prevent boredom?
Make sure that you have enough interesting activities and hobbies lined up to keep yourself busy, and make sure you maintain your friendships. Do not become a ‘couch potato’ – build in healthy recreational activities into your schedule too. Plan your schedule well ahead. Try to develop new fields of interest to keep yourself stimulated.

Enjoy a PC
A PC can be a marvelous tool to keep yourself occupied especially after your retirement. The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information and recreation.
Through e-mail you can keep in touch with a large circle of friends and family all over the world. You can send text messages and even photos too.
Through Skype you can talk to friends or family long distance, even overseas, via your PC – all free of charge.
A PC is a wonderful communication tool and it has many applications. There are also social networks through which you can make contact with other people sharing the same interests as you have.

Maintain meaningful relationships
It is said that as you grow older it becomes more difficult to make new friends. So try to cherish your friendships, especially when you enter your prime time period. Needless to say your relationship with your spouse and other family members gain even more importance during your Prime Time period.

Bring love and intimacy into your relationships if you can
As you grow older you become more and more dependent you become on TLC (tender love and care) to remain happy and fulfilled.  Try not to become grumpy but rather to remain a lovable person. Once you have lost a spouse and have to carry on on your own, you may find that TLC becomes even more important to you.

Prevent loneliness
Loneliness and depression goes hand-in-hand especially during old age.  It can result in your life losing all its meaning.  The best solution is to prevent it from happening, by becoming involved in people and things that will keep you occupied. Plan ahead for it.  Try to get involved in activities you can enjoy together with your spouse such as eating out, going to the movies and/or theatre or to travel together, (if you can afford it).
By all means enjoy SKI holidays without feeling guilty. By that we mean Spend the Kid’s Inheritance on holidays and things that make you happy. Don’t feel obliged to preserve an inheritance for your children. Your happiness comes first.
Remember once again that to inherit is a privilege not a right. If you try to secure an inheritance for your children, they may only inherit it at a time when they don’t need it any more in any event.

Do remember: Your work is not your worth. Your self-image and dignity should never revolve around your work to the extent that you lose your balance in your outlook on life. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t work. Never allow yourself to develop a negative attitude towards retirement. You deserve it.
Try to rid yourself from unnecessary stress. Stress is very bad for you psychologically as well as for your physical health.

Some examples
Sport – you can look at sport on TV but it is better if you can participate yourself.
Indoor activities such as card games, word games etc
Outside activities e.g biking, gardening, travel.
Creative activities such as restoring books, pottering, needlework, wood work, painting etc
Gardening – even indoor gardening such as orchids, if your circumstances allow it
Making use of your local library – Libraries nowadays offer lots of recreational activities apart from books e.g. magazines, videos, DVDs etc – all free of charge
Remember to actively plan your recreational activities – do it well in advance, do not postpone

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