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Expert tips for enjoying life after 50


My Prime Time

Writing my book was born out of an urge to share with society my own experience, gained over many decades of sorrow and joy. My objective has always been to help people approach their lives in a way that would allow them be happy and fulfilled as they grow older. All the aspects which determine the outcome of the lifestyle you choose are covecred in MY PRIME TIME. How to make these your happiest years, is what the book is all about!

The book is aimed at a wide readership; people in their early 20s up to those in their 70s and beyond.  It addresses your PRIME TIME from two angles:

  • People in their countdown towards retirement and can still ‘make hay while the sun shines’; and
  • People already reached ‘retirement age’ who have to preserving what they still have in terms of their health and wealth ‐ adapting gracefully to their circumstances.

In general, it gives a great deal of practical advice, explaining how to run a regular monthly budget, as well as how to protect your money against inflation and the dangers of dubious investments. However, the most important lesson from this book is that everybody need to take timeous (preventative) action to manage their finances, to preserve their physical and mental and to use their free time fruitfully.

If you take cognisance of these issues, there will probably be no major problems in store for you, and you will enjoy a happy PRIME TIME.

Nothing sums it all up better than the words “prevention is better than cure”. This is the theme of the book throughout.