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Expert tips for enjoying life after 50


Psychological problems associated with growing old

It is my purpose to make you aware of these realities and to provide you with guidance on how to plan, and information on what to do and what not to do in order to arrive at happiness and fulfilment.

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Application of your free time during retirement

Retirement is an important transition phase for most people. Suddenly you have a lot more free time on your hands which should be filled by meaningful activities.
If this is not planned properly, you can easily land into a situation of boredom. This in turn can easily lead to a loss of meaning in your life and depression.

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Your safety and security

Unfortunately pensioners and elderly people are often regarded as soft targets by criminals who would easily attack them and rob them on the street especially in secluded areas and after dark.

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A suitable place to live during your Prime Time

Make sure that you choose a place that you can afford. Usually, as you grow older, you scale down and you move to a smaller, more modest, place. It must fit your budget.

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Preserve your health

Good health throughout your life is the most precious asset you can have. It is no use having all the money in the world and be failed by your health. It also determines on how good you feel.

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