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The right live partner

Your choice of a significant other with whom you are going to share your life, is probably the most important decision you can ever take. It is going to affect your life in a most profound way – positively as well and is possibly negatively. But it is not only important that you choose the right partner; you should also be the right partner.

It is very important that you make sure that you are going to be compatible before you ‘tie the knot’. Compatibility should ideally be tested beforehand and in some cases, e.g. when a second marriage it is at stake, testing it by living together for a few years, may be a good solution.

Nobody wants to live your life in loneliness, let alone growing old alone. But to share your life with the wrong partner could be worse than being lonely. That is why over-haste and infatuation can be so dangerous when you choose a life partner.

Where to look for an ideal life partner?

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