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Your safety and security

Unfortunately pensioners and elderly people are often regarded as soft targets by criminals who would easily attack them and rob them on the street especially in secluded areas and after dark.  This is especially a problem in South Africa  with its high population numbers, unemployment and poverty. We also don’t have an effective functioning police force.

You can expect criminality to increase and you will have to protect yourself as best you can in future. Here are some measures you can take:

Safety in your home

You may not only be threatened by criminality in your home. There is always  the danger that you may fall , or that a fire may break out.

You can take measures such as the following against a fall

Look out for steps especially if they are located in an inconvenient place. If there are such steps, make sure that there are proper handrails and make sure that there are not steps that are not visible – if so, they should be clearly marked with a white line on the upper step. Also make sure that the floors are not slippery.  You should also be careful that no loose carpets will be lying around over which you can trip.

Prevent fires

  • Make sure that all the electrical appliances are kept in good order
  • Be careful how you use heaters – do not place them near material that can catch fire and do not hang any clothing over them
  • Make sure that you switch off your stove and all plates when leaving the house. Put a reminder note at the door from where you leave your house
  • Be very careful when using candles. Never leave them unattended
  • Never smoke in bed. In fact you should never smoke in any event considering what it is doing to your health
  • Do keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen as well as in your car

Safety outside of your home

  • Check the locks outside of your house, especially a new house
  • Provide burglar proofing in front of your windows
  • Provide a safety gate outside your front door and possibly also in your rear door.
  • Good lighting around your house is desirable especially lighting that goes on automatically if somebody approaches your home.
  • If practical keep, a watchdog which can help to protect you
  • Make sure your cell phone contains the numbers of your neighbour or a family member and the police and carry it with you.
  • A good alarm system is a must

Safety measures are away from home

  • When you travel, be on the lookout especially when stopping at traffic lights or at a garage or at a bus stop.
  • Always lock all your doors when you drive.
  • Do not leave any valuable items on your seat – it may be a temptation.
  • Keep your car in good running condition so that it won’t let you down in a dangerous place
  • Try and avoid places, high-risk for criminality, especially after dark
  • Do not pick up hikers and do not accept a lift offered to you except if you know the person offering it
  • Arm yourself with a “pepper spray cannister” and keep it ready
  • Never provide your name and address or telephone number and obviously not your banking details over the phone – not to anybody
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